4.1 Brussels beer experience

No country in the world boasts a brewing tradition as rich and diverse as Belgium.

Brussels offers many varieties of craft beer, each with a different but slightly tart and refreshing flavour. Our beer-tasting experience features visits to some of Brussels most typical cafés. Local specialties are the traditional Brussels beers like Geuze and Kriek or the spontaneously fermented Lambics sitting alongside amber beers that hint at divine connections. In the country there are hundreds of other types, such as the famous Trappist beers still brewed by monks in abbeys, spicy beers that come with a creamy white head or thirst-quenching white beers that go down deliciously on hot summer days. Your guide will help you to unravel some of Belgium’s beer mysteries, go into great detail to explain the different varieties, their tastes and unique attributes, and he will let you in on the dos and don’ts of the Belgian beer world.

An optional tasting can be part of the tour and might be necessary to complete your education!

Time: minimum of 3 hours, which can be extended with potential visits to breweries added to the tour:

Cantillon Brewery

This family owned brewery is located in the city of Brussels. They are still producing the time-honoured type of traditional beer called Gueuze and the brewery can be visited as a museum.     


The Brussels Beer Project


La Brasserie de la Senne


When in Belgium, paradise for beer lovers is always just next door.