Different ways to visit

Classic Belgium

Often the best way to focus your time is in discovering the most famous and fabulous places in Belgium: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp ‚Äď all shining jewels embedded in our sightseeing and excursions.

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Memorials, history and memories

Belgium has always been in the middle of European battlefields. We have been invaded by the Spanish, Austrians,French, Dutch and Germans. These excursions will let you discover Waterloo 1815, the Flanders fields of WWI, the Battle of the Bulge in WWII and many other sites and memorials depending on your own interests. 

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EU agriculture ‚Äď Urban farms or local and organic products  

GET to Belgium is a member of the ATOI organisation http://www.atoi.org/.

If you are interested in agriculture or food production and distribution, we will guide you to the right places, to meet the right persons, for example visiting urban or organic farms, Belgian specialty production sites or related national and international organisations.

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Beer lovers and foodies 

Belgian people love good food. They enjoy spending time in bars and restaurants. They are also passionate aboutproducing their unique and world-famous products: beers, chocolates, strawberries, chips, endives, mussels, cheeses, beef, waffles, bread, pears, cookies, but also now renowned white wine, whisky, and the innovation never stops. 

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Nature ‚Äď sacred and mysterious 

The mystery of life starts with nature. Once humans add the recognition of the indescribable part of it, sacred references appear in standing stones, on trees, near springs, with the first Romanesque churches or places where children saw the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Let us take you on a journey into the mystery of life, discovering Belgian sites with particular resonance.

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Educational and university programmes

You are a university or a school looking for a special study programme orientated towards the EU, European history, business, marketing, agriculture, specific Belgian products or maybe a little bit of all of these. We will design your programme to include experiences you request: to meeting the right people, getting to the right places to enjoy the best possible presentations.  

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Cross-border approaches to our neighbouring countries

Belgium is a tiny country, just 30,689km¬≤ (11,849 square miles). Less than 3 hours‚Äô drive from Brussels we can either be in France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Germany. If you‚Äôd like to experience the differences of these countries‚Äôlanguages cultures food and landscapes within a single day, these fabulous excursions are for you.

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Longer tours based on a few days and different specific themes

These suggestions are samples of programmes with specific interests, such¬†as¬†art,¬†culture,¬†beer and chocolate, European¬†history,¬†architecture ‚Ästa clear¬†focus¬†for a deeper¬†study¬†or¬†enjoying¬†your passion.

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