Our Services


We propose accommodations at all types of hotels in all major Belgian cities as well as areas further afield. If you’re looking for a fancy piece of paradise with your spouse or family, staying overnight in a castle or you need beds for a group of professionals or young people wishing to visit the European Parliament? You will get our best proposals.


You need a safe, comfortable private car or mini-van, with a multilingual driver for transfer from the airport to the conference hall or the hotel? Or your group needs a bus from the train station for a city tour, or trustworthy services for shuttles and excursions in Benelux? We can provide exactly what you need.


The guides service is the focus of our attention. Meeting the right person at the right place and getting the proper explanations in your language is essential for making the most of your travels. 


Save costs by hiring one person for both services. Optimise your travel and do not pass by important sights! If you want to discover the best parts of the country on unknown and countryside tracks, let us drive and guide you. Our drivers will not only show you unusual aspects and areas of Belgium. He will also be your assistant and guide so you see what you should not miss and what you will always remember.


You are looking for local, traditional meals in an ancient town centre or just a light lunch in a tavern during your stop in a small, picturesque village? Or maybe you prefer a gastronomic experience in a Michelin 1- or 2-star restaurant, a dinner in a castle or maybe in the sky over Brussels – an unforgettable experience. We will make suggestions and help you find the best solution.

Agricultural expertise

One of our biggest current challenges is to adapt the production and consumption our food to the needs of the climate and social development. Belgium is a small country located between significant types of different agriculture in the Netherlands, Germany and France. However, the local agriculture has its own specialities and we have particular expertise for organising visits in this domain. Get to Belgium has been a member since 2019 of ATOI: Agricultural Tour Operators International.

Private visits

Being able to meet up personally with locals who share your interests is often one of the most relevant parts of a journey. Therefore, visiting the right place and meeting the exact person you are looking for is often the key to a successful encounter. You want to see inside some specific Belgian companies, get close to a craftsman’s spirit in their workshop, particular chocolate companies or breweries or where your national products distributed locally? Our expertise in helping you achieve these goals will surprise you. 


A special activity for your company or family can be an unforgettable experience cementing relations between participants forever. You need to find the right suggestion matching the profile of the group with a specific budget. We can make this happen.


Brussels is one of the most international cities in the world (as well as now many other Belgian cites). The reason to come here is very often for meetings. These are an art! For these particularly important moments you need find the right place with the proper infrastructure and adequate equipment. Our long experience in the country means we can guarantee you a successful gathering.


We help people and companies to plan smart travel and events aiming for the greatest results. You need a gala dinner after your conference in a trendy venue for large or small groups, or you’re just look for a private cosy room in a traditional local restaurant with some talented performers? We will suggest the perfect place. 

Interpreters and assistance

Able assistants and good interpreters are extremely important! They make a real difference to your experience, adding a whole new level of value. 

We understand that personalised assistance and support is crucial when you are travelling! As soon as you arrive in the country you can obtain 24-hour help on our emergency phone number: +32 498 033 091