1.2 Panoramic drive around Brussels

Brussels is an historical crossroads between Paris and Amsterdam, Bruges and Cologne. The creation of new extensions outside the historic centre in the 19th century, the organisation of international exhibitions and furthermore the European headquarters have given the city a major historical role and image in contemporary Europe.

Let us invite you for a panoramic drive to discover the different faces of our capital: the amazing Atomium, the Cinquantenaire park with its triumphal arch and interesting museums, the royal residence and many other marvels including of course the European Institutions district of Brussels.

The tour will end with a stroll in the very centre of Brussels, on the famous Grand Place with the 15th century town hall surrounded by the guilds’ houses and narrow medieval streets.

You can also learn where to taste the city: enjoy a drink in an astonishing place, eat the best waffles, savour famous Belgian chocolates or your favorite typical local cuisine – and of course meet the best of us Belgians!

Time: minimum of 3 hours, which can be extended with visits to museums or specific districts.

Potential museums or visits to be added to the tour:

  • Atomium

The Atomium is the incredible Belgian Pavilion of the 1958 Universal exhibition of Brussels and now symbol of the city.   https://www.atomium.be/Home/Index


  • Royal Arts Museum – Magritte Museum – Fin de siècle

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Magritte museum and the newly opened Fin de siècle hold the best national art collections.


  • Cantillon Brewery

This family owned brewery is located in the city of Brussels. They are still producing the time-honoured type of traditional beer called Gueuze and the brewery can be visited as a museum.


  • Train world

In 1835, the first railway line on the European continent was built between Brussels and Mechelen as well as “Le Belge” – the first Belgian-built locomotive. Train world is a fantastic museum for discovering the whole history of the railways from its earliest beginnings to nowadays.


  • Belgian Comic Strip Center

The Belgian Comic Strip Center is a true temple dedicated to Comic Strip Art and also a masterpiece of the local Art Nouveau.


  • Horta Museum

The private house and studio of the famous Belgian Art Nouveau architect.


  • Belgian Chocolate Village

Slide backgroundThe largest museum in Brussels solely dedicated to chocolate: the Belgian Chocolate village is wonderfully integrated in an old and very well preserved chocolate factory. https://www.belgianchocolatevillage.be/

  • MIM – Musical Instruments Museum

In a beautifully restored Art Nouveau complex in Brussels, 1,100 fascinating musical instruments are displayed in four galleries, with your visit enhanced by images and explanatory text panels.


  • Parlamentarium

The Parlamentarium – the European Parliament’s Visitors’ Centre – is the largest parliamentary visitor centre in Europe and the perfect setting for visitors of all ages to discover European politics in innovative and refreshing new ways.


The House of European History is dedicated to the understanding of the shared past and diverse experiences of European peoples.