7.1 From Belgium to the Netherlands

Belgium Nederlands

This excursion preferably starts in the centre or the northern part of Belgium. 

Our first stop is will be to Baarle-Nassau or Baarle-Hertog according to whether we are talking about the Belgian enclaves located on Dutch territory or the Dutch village itself. This strange situation of pieces of land belonging to different countries yet located inside the same village dates back to the Middle Ages. The village is therefore separated in different places by the border between the two countries, creating some surrealist pictures of a border crossing through streets or even houses.

From there we will take the road north to the famous Kinderdijk region of windmills. In the middle of the Dutch polders we will enjoy seeing the old countryside farms with their straw roofs and the fields separated by small canals all below sea level.

The excursion can also pass by Gouda to discover its wonderful gothic City Hall next to the famous cheese market. We are close to Delft, Den Haag or Rotterdam if you prefer to end your day there instead of returning to Brussels.

Time: minimum of 9 hours departing from and returning to Brussels.