3.2 Belgian Farming Specialities: BBB, Potatoes, Endives and Strawberries

With Belgium located between the different farming cultures of the Netherlands, Germany, and France, there are fascinating local products all within a very short distance. Belgian Blue Beef cattle, the production of Binche potatoes – the secret of world-famous Belgian chips, sugar beet, and many different types of cereals that are used in our beers, along with hops of course, and also fruits such as apples, pears or strawberries.

Brussels also hosts one of Europe’s biggest urban farms, which remarkably produces tomatoes, herbs and even fish on a local market roof, while another operation grows mushrooms in the basement!

We can also help you with visits to local farmers, markets, or auction-houses such as in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, which handles a staggering 3,000 tons of vegetables per day. For fruits, the BFV corporation is one of the European leaders, bringing together 1,200 fruit producers!

Packaging or transformation can be included in the visits: for many kinds of cheeses, beers of course, or even a world-renowned whisky. Transformation of fruits into juice or jam, potatoes into crisps or precooked chips, the production of frozen vegetables or the simpler distribution of fresh local organic produce for direct consumption.    

In the Luxembourg province further south, we can see the dedicated forestry management by Shire Horse (Dray Horse) owners with remarkable of cleaning the woods in the Ardennes areas of Belgium.

The visit of local farms takes a minimum 3 hours in Brussels and a day in the country.

We can add visits to farms, insemination centres, production centres, packaging and distributions plants or research centres.