3.3 Urban farming and local organic products in and near Brussels

Urban Farm BIGH

Brussels is definitively not only an administrative centre. On the roof of a market and using the heat of its refrigerators, the urban BIGH farm, one of the biggest in Europe, produces tomatoes, herbs and fish while in the basement of the same place another company grows different types of mushrooms using the barley waste from the brewery process of beers! 

Just on the other side of the canal, the Restaurant La Kantine exclusively uses these local and fresh products, and its clients are hosted in fancy recycled furniture. All over the city, new restaurants are being upgraded to target the same appetite for the circular economy and quality of ingredients cultivated nearby.

Within the Brussels region we can also visit a local farm, which relies on the help of of handicapped people to produce and sell herbs, vegetables, breads, cookies with organic ingredients, and wood products.

Just outside the Brussels region, at the border with Flanders, another social farm where “people and the vegetable grow together” is also producing vegetables, and selling them and cooking them on site – a delicious way to experience this new direction for life, reflecting a new world with the right solutions to the climate, social and agriculture crises.

If you are interested in this specific field, there are also major changes in agriculture production, especially in the southern part of the country where we can help you discover some unique farms and people.

The visit of one local farm in Brussels region takes a minimum of 3 hours and a full day if we include the suburbs or further afield in the country.