2.2 Flanders Fields and WWI

Tinecote cemetry WW1

The Flemish battlefields of the 1914-18 Great War

The city of Ypres in western Flanders was a crucial location for Allied Forces during World War I and was the focus of several major battles. The memorials and cemeteries of the fallen in Ypres and its surrounding villages draw thousands of visitors every year to pay their respects and tour the area. You can also enjoy spending time in the beautiful, historical city centre and take walking tours through its picturesque pedestrian avenues. Splendid architecture in Gothic detail with towering majestic spires make fascinating attractions for you to appreciate during your private guided tour of Ypres. Right in the town centre is the beautiful Cloth Hall, where you’ll be intrigued by the In Flanders Fields Museum and entranced by the crowded marketplace. The Belfry tower of the Cloth Hall is integral to one of Ypres oldest traditional festivals, the Kattenstoet. The Festival of Cats is held in May and commemorates an ancient tradition from the Middle Ages.

A driving tour of the war memorials and cemeteries surrounding Ypres is an awe-inspiring experience. You will maybe want to visit the Passchendaele Memorial Museum, the Tyne Cot Commonwealth Cemetery, and the Vladso German Cemetery. The delightful countryside surrounding the city of Ypres offers many scenic routes welcoming you to what is now a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Back in town, visitors can also enjoy a range of lovely shops and cafés selling Belgian chocolates and beers.

Staying overnight in Ypres would allow you to attend the Last Post, played every day by the buglers at 8pm since the end of the Great War and maybe extend your excursion the following day to the southern Ypres Salient or to Diksmuide and Nieuwpoort.

Time: minimum of 9 hours departing from and returning to Brussels.

Time: minimum of 6 hours departing from and returning to Bruges.

Potential museums or visits to be added to the tour:

In Flanders Fields Museum  https://www.inflandersfields.be/en/bezoek-e

Tyne Cot Cemetery 


Passchendaele Memorial Museum


And many others if requested.